Budget recommendations

Considering the goal of your campaign and the desired target group we would like to recommend a couple of budget division which will make use of the strengths.


Campaign goal

Our launch platform offers three types of campaign goals: employer brand awareness, vacancy visits, and job applications. All three campaign types optimize on a different campaign metric. 

Awareness is focused on generating as many impressions as possible within a job function group. 

Vacancy visits will aim for as many clicks as possible for a specific profile. 

Job applications will target potential candidates who are most likely to convert for the specific profile.

We recommend taking these campaign goals into consideration while dividing your campaign budget. 

Target audience

Based on your own social media usage you could imagine that for a specific target audience, one channel would be better suitable than the other. We advise you to your knowledge of your audience group into consideration. These images might also help you identify the presence of your audience on social media channels. 


For more statistics visit the source of this image.


DataReportal+Digital+2023+Global+Overview+Report+Slide+182For more statistics visit the source of this image.

Channel strengths

Besides the presence of the target audience, we have seen a difference in the internet behavior on our platforms. We would recommend Google Display as a relevant platform for generating visibility for your vacancy. The channel is known for the large number of impressions and clicks it can generate, thus suitable for awareness and click campaigns. 

Google Search, as we know it shows the Google Search ad as soon as you search for one of our connected keywords. These keywords are reflecting the job profile that is chosen which will result in a more actively searching audience. The bidding strategy of Google Search is causing the cost-per-click to be more expensive compared to our other channels resulting in a lower amount of clicks. However, we would recommend this channel in combination with proactively targeting channels such as Facebook and Google Display. 

Facebook is still one of the largest social media platforms in 2023. It will give you the ability to reach a large audience of users. At first, we would recommend Facebook for awareness and clicks, but with a larger amount of budget and the right call-to-action, it can also be used for a conversion campaign. 

The usage of Instagram is very applicable to the 12-34 year age group. However, the cost-per-click on this channel is significantly higher compared to other channels. We recommend adding Instagram when it is suitable for your audience and the goal is to convert. 

LinkedIn has a relevant audience for the white-collar market. The cost-per-click of this platform is around 3 to 5 times higher than Facebook with a high minimum daily budget. We recommend a budget of 400EUR for 10 days on average to reach the desired outcome on LinkedIn. 

Budget recommendations

Blue collar jobs

Campaign goal   Awareness Clicks Conversions
Facebook   40% 40% 50%
Instagram   10%    
Google Display   35% 60% 35%
Google Search   15%   15%
LinkedIn   - - -


White collar jobs

Campaign goal   Awareness Clicks Conversions
Facebook   20% 20%  
Google Display   30% 20% 15%
Google Search       15%
LinkedIn   50% 60% 70%


Should you have any remaining questions please reach out to our support team!