1. Campaign Performance

Content tips and tricks for job marketing advertisement texts

In this article we will share the tips & tricks for job marketing campaigns. We will focus on the basics, Facebook, Instagram, Google Search and Google Display

The basics 

Advertisement texts, part of the first impression your potential candidates will have of your company. Here are some basics to start with.

  • Create your own! We offer standard advertisement texts, but these are not very differentiating online and do not match your own tone of voice. 
  • Make clear who you are looking for, not how you will call them internally. Use common job titles that instantly give a clear idea of the function.
  • Keep them short and relevant! Make sure the texts contain a clear call-to-action (e.g. Apply here!), clearly show the job title, employer and location and make the first sentence captivating to catch your candidates’ attention.


Within the Facebook network, we make use of all possible placements (newsfeed, right column, Audience Network and Messenger).

  • When creating a Facebook ad, we give the following character limit recommendations as the rest of the characters will be after 'read more': 
    • Text: 125 characters with 350 as a maximum
    • Headline: 40 characters with 80 as a maximum
    • Link description: 30 characters with 40 as a maximum
  • Make sure the job title, employer and location are mentioned in the headline. This text stands out most, so you immediately let the potential candidate know what the advertisement is about. 
  • Put the most important information in the text and headline, as the link description is not always shown.
  • Use bullet points (e.g. with emoji’s) to create clear advertisement texts with USP’s. For example: Unlimited vacation days, healthy lunches, personal development plan. Make these as concrete as possible. What makes the work environment inspiring? What are concrete ‘’great benefits’’?


Instagram is made for great content, which makes it ideal for recruitment marketing. Show your videos and images while candidates are scrolling through the profiles of their favorite influencers.

  • On Instagram we recommend your text to have 125 characters. The max. is 2200.  
  • Make sure the job title and location are mentioned in the text, as this is the only opportunity on Instagram where you can give information in text. 
  • Make use of hashtags to make the Instagram text complete.

Google Search

Google Search, a channel that leads everybody actively searching for a job or a job at your company

  • Google Search is limited in the amount of characters for each section:
    • Headline: 30 characters
    • Description: 90 characters
    • Link: 15 characters
  • To make the Google Search ads as relevant as possible, make sure to mention terms as the job title, vacancy, job etc..
  • Do not mention the company name in the text. Google will reject ads holding a company name.
  • Special characters such as !?/$ are rejected by Google as well. 

Google Display 

By using Google Display, you increase your reach extensively with impressions on relevant websites (90% of the internet) and also in Android and iPhone apps.

  • Same for Google Display there is limited space for the characters:
    • Type of job: 12 characters
    • Title: 40 characters
    • Subtitle: 40 characters
    • Call to action & tags: 11 characters
  • Make sure the company logo is added to the banners and that the color of the banners matches this logo. Pick a color that allows the white texts to remain readable (so not too light) and draws attention with the logo.
  • Using a tag doesn't influence how people will find the banner. 
  • Implement USP’s, required skills or other relevant terms by using the tags.
  • Did you know that it’s possible to use your own google display banners? Select Google Display as a channel to use, send the banners to support@wonderkind.com and we will make sure they are implemented! For more information on custom Google Display banners, check page 19.