1. Launch Platform Guide

How-to: use Packages

In this article we will explain what the feature packages is, how to use it and how you can integrate your XML.

Why should you use Packages?

With packages you are able to predefine the runtime, channels and
budget for your campaign. Instead of choosing one budget for the whole
campaign like in the templates feature, you can decide how much budget
you want for every channel.

Campaigns that you create can be from scratch or combined with your
predefined package. All you’ve got to do to launch your campaign in
seconds is choose a template and package. It’s super easy! Have a look at the video to see how it works. 

HubSpot Video

How to use Packages

In Launch go to ‘Presets’ and then ‘Packages’. Here you are able to create your package. Choose the name, channels, runtime and budget. Creating several packages will allow you to have every option ready once you are launching a new campaign. Make sure that the package is ON to be able to use it.

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Ready? Set up a new campaign and you are ready to choose your package right after the goal!

Integrate packages to your XML

One of the main benefits of Packages is that there is a XML integration. With the
right settings you have your campaigns launched in literally seconds. These are
the steps to set up the XML integration.

  1. Create templates with ads for all channels.
  2. Create a package
  3. Add a column with the package ID In your XML feed.
  4. At 9AM, 1PM and 3PM  (CET) the campaigns are created in Launch based on the
    package ID in the XML. They only need to be approved.
  5. Is the wrong template chosen? You can easily change template and the
    package setup will stay the same (budget, runtime and channels)
  6. Approve campaigns and deploy!


Should you have any questions regarding Packages, please contact the Support Team: support@wonderkind.com