1. Launch Platform Guide

How do the workspaces work?

Looking for a way to organize your campaigns? Making use of workspaces are a great way to structure your campaigns. In this article we will discuss the different options (XML & manual)

In the homepage of Launch you are able to organize your campaigns through workspaces. By clicking on 'all workspaces' in the dropdown you will be able to see all campaigns. In this dropdown it is also possible to add, edit and remove workspaces (see picture).

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When you create your campaigns via XML*, automatically a workspace is created per company. This way, you have an overview per customer. 

You can also manually create workspaces to create a better overview per customer or department. It is advisable to create a workspace per clients to organize your account. Moreover, in Google Display ads you are able to choose the variable 'company'. In this variable the workspace name is filled in. 

If you set your campaigns manually you can also choose to have all campaigns in one workspace.


*Please note that if there is one typo in the company name, another workspace will be created. 

*Also, workspaces cannot be merged, and campaigns cannot be moved from one workspace to another.