How to choose the right job profile

The performance of your campaign starts with choosing the right job profile. This article will provide an understanding of our job profile system, why it is important to choose the right profile, the steps you should take, and some tips and tricks.

Job profile system

Wonderkind’s job profile system will allow you to target both active and passive job seekers that fit your campaign. The data for the targeting is gathered from over 1 million campaigns that have run through Wonderkind in the last few years. The system never stops learning and will constantly improve the targeting per profile to optimize the quality of your campaign.

Why do you need to select a job profile?

By selecting a job profile you are able to give our software direction. By picking a job profile that matches the most to your vacancy we will make sure our software focuses on the right target audience. By using a profile system we are able to automate the targeting of the job seekers described above. The profile system contains a lot of targeting, behavior, and re-targeting.

How do you find the right profile?

Step 1: Synonyms
To guide you to your desired job profile you have the option to type synonyms in the search bar. By typing the job title, Launch will suggest several profiles that match your campaign. Can’t find the one you are looking for? Go to step 2.

Step 2: Function groups
Function groups are an easy way to filter the possible job profiles that fit your campaign.


In the following document, you can find an overview of all the Function Groups and the job profiles related to this. For example, if you are looking for an administrative employee at a logistical company, go to the Administrative function group. 


Wonderkind Job Profiles & Function Groups

Tips and tricks 

The tips and tricks are focused on further improving the performance of the campaign.

  • Filling in a specific position? Ensure to choose a maximum of two profiles for optimal performance.
  • Is the campaign about a traineeship? Make sure to add ‘Student Worker’ as a job profile.
  • Are you planning to launch an Employer Branding campaign? Add up to 5 job profiles to target the most candidates. 
  • Looking for an intern? Make sure to add ‘internship’ as a job profile.
  • Want to broaden your audience? Think of relatable job profiles that fit your campaign.
  • Adding profiles like 'traineeship' and 'student worker' are key in broadening your target audience with younger people.