How-to: create a campaign

You are logged in. You have content for the job you would like to promote. You are ready to show all those candidates their dream job. Right? Let's get started!


1. Enter the job details. 

💡Tip: make sure to add skills, these will end up in your ad and in your targeting. This will make the ad even more relevant to your candidate. 

2. Make sure you add a working and live URL. We use this URL to build
your Lead Boost page. 

3. Check your advice. You can change your budget, but please keep in mind that we suggest these budgets based on the thousands of campaigns we've successfully ran. 

4. Continue to the Media Plan. 

5. If you want to add custom content, click 'Edit Media'. You can now edit (or delete) all media we will use to promote your jobs. 

💡Tip: if you are not 100% sure about your content, check this requirement cheat sheet. 

6. If you have agreed to use Google Display in your campaign, we have a little surprise for you - automatically created Google Display Banners in all 9 sizes you will need to fill every placement possible. 

💡Tip: want to make sure your colours and logo are correct? Just click the pencil and adjust it. It will automatically change all 9 sizes. 

7. Confirm your campaign by clicking on the check out button and there you go - your campaign is done!

Ready for the next one?