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How-to: follow up on your Leads

Fact: 78% of the Leads expect to get a call within 2 days

We do our very best to deliver you high quality Leads. They are interested, they know about the job - now all you need to do is have them signing your contract. That is, if you follow them up correctly. 

Call your Leads

Your Leads are eager to get in contact. They have shown their interest for a job, this is a pretty big sign that they want to get in contact with you to learn more about the job. What most of our clients do to get the most out of their Leads, is simply give them a ring. 

Great opening lines you could use: 

Hey, I saw that you left your details to show interest in the job. Tell me, why did you apply? 

I saw you showed interest in the <insert job title here> vacancy, I checked your LinkedIn and I was wondering what made you show your interest? 

💡 Tip: Calling can be very inconvenient when Leads are still on their current job - we reach mostly passive candidates, remember? Try calling them after working hours if they don't pick up their phone. 

WhatsApp / Text Message your Leads 

Second best, but still worth your time: send them a quick message. 

Thank you for your interest in the <insert job title here> vacancy. Would you mind letting us know when we can best call you tomorrow, morning (9-10h), afternoon (13-14h) or evening (17-18h)? Cheers! 

While email has an open rate of ±20%, Text Message has an open rate of 96%, and WhatsApp almost 100%. Need more stats? While an average email has 6% response, 9 times as many people reply to a message via Text Message or WhatsApp (45%). 

💡 Tip: Make sure to have a call to action in your text message. A link to your calendar, asking them to reply with a time slot to contact or simply to call you whenever suits them. 

Want to follow-up on your Leads from your own ATS (Applicant Tracking System)? Make sure to contact your Partner Success Manager.