1. Facebook LeadForm

How to: Use Facebook Lead Form

Why should you use Facebook Lead Form and what are the advantages and disadvantages? Also, find out some tips & tricks.

Why should you use Facebook Lead Form?

With Facebook Lead Form candidates no longer have to fill in all the informationSchermafbeelding 2022-03-08 om 09.35 1 that is required for most vacancy pages. Candidates are already logged into their Facebook accounts, so most information is pre-filled. You are able to attract candidates that wouldn’t respond to your own vacancy page. Next to that, you are able to create custom questions for more quality candidates or a simple form for quantity candidates. Finally, it is multi-usable; for recruitment or information days, or a subscription for more information about your company is also possible with Facebook Lead Form. 

Advantages Disadvantages
  • Get candidates via the Facebook page 
  • Quick apply page 
  • New functionality 
  • Blue-collar market 
  • Possibility to add a language
  • No connection with your ATS by default 
  • Passive candidates that need a quick and secure follow-up

Lead form tips & tricks 

  • Show the value of working at your company in the ads and why they should share their data with your business.
  • Keep your questions simple.
  • Ask as few questions as possible.
  • Ask relevant questions.
  • Reflect your Employer Brand in your ads.
  • Combine it with an Employer Brand campaign to get more leads.
  • Reply fast to your incoming candidates.
  • Don’t miss any incoming candidates by setting your notifications in your Facebook page manager.
  • Questions that are not accepted by Facebook, please refer to this article