1. Facebook LeadForm

Where can I find my Facebook Leads?

Facebook offers three flavors to access your leads. You can download this data from the Business Suite, request it through API connection or access via an integrated CRM system.

To download leads data from Business Suite:

  1. Go to Business Suite.
  2. Click More Tools from the menu.
  3. Click Instant Forms.
  4. Click Download next to the form with the leads you want to export.
  5. Choose how you want to download your leads:
    • Click Download New Leads if you only want to export the leads that you’ve received since the last time you downloaded.
    • Click Download by Date Range if you want to download all the leads you’ve received during a certain time period. After you select this option, choose the preferred date range and click Download.
  6. A window appears with your form information. Click CSV or XLS to download the leads data in your preferred file type.

Access leads via integrated CRM systems

You can use a variety of systems to manage the leads you receive from your lead ads. While many advertisers use customer relationship management (CRM) software to manage their leads, others may use email service providers, messaging software, or call center technologies. 

Below are the types of integrations that are currently available:

  • Direct integration: A direct integration allows you to connect your Facebook lead ads directly to a CRM system by integrating Facebook with the CRM software itself. 
  • Third-party integration: A third-party integration uses another system, typically Zapier, to connect your Facebook lead ads to a CRM system. Third-party integrations are a great way to connect to a CRM system when a direct integration isn't available.
  • Custom integration: You can create your own tool to upload your leads using the Webhooks and Facebook Graph API.

Integrating your CRM system with Facebook has many benefits, but it's not required. You can still download the leads data as mentioned above.


**Disclaimer: Due to GDPR regulations, Wonderkind is not allowed to access another parties' leads. Setting up and accessing the leads is the responsibility of our partners or their end clients.