My campaign has started running, how can I interpret the results?

So, you've started your campaign. You are eagerly waiting to see what the Wonderkind campaign will bring you and your recruitment team. To make sure you interpret the results correctly, we have made a short 101 on stats. 


If you only look at clicks, you won't be able to see the bigger picture. Optimizing on clicks simply means spending more money on a broader audience - something that we don't like doing. 

Cost per click

How much you pay for a click says a lot about 1. the amount of times we show ads to your perfect candidate, 2. the relevancy of your audience. But, lowering the cost per click doesn't necessarily mean 'cheaper' Leads - we go for high quality Leads, which sometimes means that we agree to pay more per click. 


Click-through-rate, a stat that tells something about your campaign. If the CTR is lower than our benchmarks, we know that something needs to change. CTR is the ratio between people that see your ad and people that click on your ad - therefore, it says a lot about the relevancy of the ad content. 

💡Pro tip: if you see a decrease in your CTR, change your ad content in order to make your ad more relevant for your candidate. 


The amount of eyes (per pair) that have looked at your ads. Some people may see your ads twice - or even 6, 7 times. 


The amount of candidates (from Facebook, Instagram and their advertising network) that fit your vacancy and have seen your ads. It's insane that so many people see your ads - that's because we've opened a whole new pool of passive candidates.

Social interactions

As you all know Facebook and Instagram are social networks so of course you want to know the social interactions on your ads. Social interaction means that your potential hire has engaged with your post. This can be in several manners, such as:

  • Post reactions. Where the candidate uses one of the emojis under the ad.
  • Post comments. Where people respond to the ads (they can tag potential candidates or write a response to your message).
  • Post shares. Encourage your employees to share your posts to reach even more candidates. This will also help with your Employer Brand.
  • Post clicks. This entails all the clicks on your post so also clicks on the image of your ad. 
  • Page likes. When you’re advertising from your page you can also receive page likes. A strong fan base is something that really helps build a strong Employer Brand.

Total spent

This is more the sum of your total clicks x cost per click. 

We hope to have given you more insights in our Detailed Stats dashboard, if you still have any remaining questions - your Partner Success Manager is happy to help you!