1. Campaign Performance

What does the special ad category do to my campaigns?

Facebook banned discriminating employment ads. Three questions answered: Why? Can I still target candidates? Will this affect your job campaigns?

Why is Facebook doing this?

Facebook rolled out these changes as response to the public demand for unbiased hiring practices that do no discriminate based on age, gender, race, or location. 

Can I still target candidates?

Targeting for employment ads will be highly restricted through traditional Facebook advertising. Besides targeting options based on age and gender, also location-based targeting is not possible (a broader targeting of 15km radius is possible). 

Will this affect my job campaigns?

No! We leverage Wonderkind's Talent Attraction Technology for our job ads on Facebook. Wonderkind targets candidate based on their interests, and what kind of jobs they showed interest in before. 

Their technology analyzes millions of touch points. Through Wonderkind, we ensure an unbiased and highly effective performance of your job campaigns.