1. What is new?

Facebook cancellation of Special Ad Audiences

As of 12 October, the targeting option: Special Ad Audience of Facebook will be sunsetted. Below we will answer the most important questions.

Why will this be sunsetted?

The Special Ad Audience allowed you to expand your audience for ad sets. However, due to the evolving and dynamic field of fairness in machine learning, the Special Ad Audience was an early way to address concerns. 


What does this mean?

This means that from 12 October ‘22, no campaigns will go live with the Special Ad Audience from our Talent Attraction Technology. 


What will happen to your ads that contain Special Ad Audience on the 12th?

The Wonderkind Support Team will make sure your campaigns will continue running by updating active campaigns to optimize the targeting and ensure they continue running after 12 October. 


What is the effect on the targeting?

Preparations were made in advance, there will be barely any effect on the performance of campaigns. All your campaigns will still perform normally. Wonderkind’s remarketing lists for other channels will work as usual. 


What do I have to do?

Nothing! The Wonderkind Support Team ensures that all your campaigns are running at a normal pace


For more information regarding the changes within Meta, please read the following article:

Updating Special Ad Audiences for housing, employment, and credit advertisers