1. Technical implementation

What are the advantages of working with XML?

Automation! Our XML feed is a user-friendly interface between your job ad database and the Wonderkind platform. With the XML Feed the job ads are automatically entered into the Wonderkind platform and appear in our product where you just have to check if everything is mapped accordingly. 

The XML feed will be read out four times per day (at 06.00, 09.00, 12.00 & 15.00 CEST). Based on the field a draft campaign will be created with:

  • The correct job targeting profile attached to the campaign.
  • Based on our job profile to job function mapping, the right template will be selected. You can work with the default templates, or select a custom template by entering the custom template ID in the relevant field.
  • When making use of dynamic tagging, the job title, location, description (for Fast Apply Form), and/or company will be automatically inserted in the ad copy.
  • By updating the campaign status in your XML our platform can recognize if a campaign needs to be active or needs to be automatically paused.
  • A workspace will be created or the campaign will be attached to the workspace.