What tips and tricks are there for the landing page?

When the potential candidates have been triggered to click on one of the advertisements, the first goal is to maintain their attention and trigger them to show their interest.

With our Wonderkind solution, we know how to reach both passive and active job-seeking talent. Including passive talent means we show your ads to a lot more candidates and the reach for your jobs will be very high. We want to make sure you are not missing out on all that talent! 

Also, what happens when we send them to a vacancy page that is not mobile friendly and where they have to fill in an extensive contact form and resume to apply? You will encounter a drop-off. Candidates will rethink their application, decide to wait, or find the whole process too time consuming. Chances are these candidates are not ready or do not have time to apply (remember that we also reach passive talent). 

Moreover, we reach a lot of candidates (93%) on mobile. Ever uploaded a CV on your mobile? Probably not.

That is why we have some tips for your landing page, to increase your conversion rate. 

  • Make sure the page is mobile friendly.
  • Keep the vacancy text short and clean.
  • To make the text easier to scan, make use of bullet points and several bold words and sentences. This way, your landing page becomes more attractive to read and delivers the message to your potential candidates the best way possible.
  • We recommend starting with a short explanation of the position, your offer and then the description of the profile you are looking for. From our experience, this is the best order to persuade the potential candidates to fill in the form.
  • As over 90% of our candidates will see your ads on a mobile device, we strongly discourage you to ask for CV and motivation letter. Make it as simple to apply as possible. 

No ideal landing page for your campaign? Your dedicated Partner Success Manager is happy to advise you on tooling for (temporary) landing pages. Also, always feel free to reach out to your dedicated Partner Success Manager for specific advice regarding the ideal landing page.