1. Launch Platform Guide

How to: use Lead Form templating

Everything you need to know to get started with Lead Form templating. Benefits, differences, needs and how to get started.

Looking for ways to make your life even easier? Then it's time to start making use of Facebook Lead Form templating for Lead Ads. Just like Brand Awareness, Vacancy Visits and Conversion campaigns, you can create custom templates for Lead Form.

Have a look at the video how it works:

HubSpot Video


What are the benefits of Lead Form templating:

  • Generate high-quality leads at scale
  • Error-proof campaign setup 
  • Save time from 30 to 5 minutes
  • Automation
  • Suitable for XML integration
    • Another field required -> <description>

What is different in Lead Form custom templating:

  • You can pre-set your Lead Form if you are using similar Lead Forms for multiple campaigns
  • Second, you would be able to send information from your XML straight to your Lead Form. Our platform now has two extra dynamic tags (XML only):
    • %%description%% and %%url%%
      • Next to the already existing %%job_profile%%, %%company%%, and %%city%%

What you need to get started:

  • Get Facebook Lead Form access to the designated page
  • Would like to use XML? The XML requires the field -> <description>
    • Please contact your Partner Success Manager if you would like to integrate your XML for Facebook Lead Form