What can I do when my campaign is live and I do not get enough leads?

There are a couple of things that can influence the success of your campaign, hereby some examples:

  • Your content! For example, is it clear for the candidate what’s in it for him/her? Be as concrete as possible in your ads! What’s the salary? (‘Competitive salary’ doesn’t convince a candidate) What extra benefits do you give? 
  • Show the colleagues they will work with
  • How easy is the customer journey for your candidate? Make sure the landing page is mobile friendly, has all required information and makes it easy to leave your contact details 
  • How well known is the employer brand? If your company is relatively new, it would be good to invest in an employer branding campaign first

We want your campaign to be as successful as possible. Discuss the possible improvements of your specific campaign with your Partner Success Manager. They can help you explain the results of your campaign and see if there are any possibilities of improving.

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